Jim Sogaard

Jim Sogaard

Jim Sogaard has been studying and photographing moths and caterpillars for almost twenty years. This has included the rearing of many caterpillars, both wild-caught and from eggs laid by light-captured adults. He has visited Costa Rica fifteen times to photograph moths and caterpillars in dry and rainforest settings. While there in 1998 he found a hawk moth species new to the country and previously known to science only as a single specimen from Ecuador.

He earned an M.S. degree in Zoology from the University of Minnesota. Jim grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota and has worked as a “coal-passer” on an ore-boat, delivery driver, custodial technician, painting contractor, as an environmental consultant in Colorado, and with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He is a volunteer at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge.

His natural history interests are broad, including invertebrates, fungi, plants, birds, herps and the conservation of as much of it as possible. He is an avid bird watcher. Besides moths and caterpillars, he enjoys photographing other invertebrates, fungi, reptiles, amphibians and natural scenes.

His photography has appeared in books, calendars, and the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. Jim also enjoys native plant landscaping for wildlife at home near Princeton, Minnesota.

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